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Started in the year 2007, this company had a vision. The vision was to offer the city of Chester a single Chester where they could avail of different locksmith services for their cars. In addition, the company wanted to raise the level of service while offering a strong support system to the various locksmith services required.

We, at Auto Locksmith Chester, started by breaking down our services into three categories. These categories are Key Replacement services, Key Programming services, Car Mechanisms Repair services and Emergency car services. Let us first look at Key Replacement services. There are two types of replacement services offered by us. The first is Snapped Key replacement service. Under this service, we provide spare keys when the original key is snapped due to wear and tear. Our technician examines the broken key and the vehicle before picking the key template to make the new spare.

The second is Lost Key replacement service. Under this service we provide spare keys when the original key is misplaced and cannot be found. Our technician examines the locking mechanism and then makes the decision on the blank key template to be used. The situation is different from the snapped key scenario as there is no key for comparison. In both these situations, we have to be careful to ensure that we do not pick the wrong template for the spare. Our next service is the Key Programming services.

This service is offered along with the Key replacement services. The reason for this is because whenever the key snaps or goes missing we will have to program the new spare to communicate with the vehicle. Hence both these services have to go hand in hand to ensure that the replacement works without any issues. The next service is the Car Mechanisms Repair. There are two main mechanisms which fall in the locksmith category. The first mechanism is the Ignition Repair mechanism. This service is needed when the ignition of a particular vehicle does not function normally.

The locksmith examines the mechanism which needs to be repaired and then proceeds to repair it. The next mechanism is the Car Locking system. Again when this system does not respond to any of your action, our locksmiths enter the various parts of the mechanism and rectify it. In both repairs, our locksmiths can conduct repairs both inside and outside the vehicle and not damage the vehicle at all. The last service is the Emergency car service. This is used only if the owner requests us for the same .Consent and presence of owner is required in this case because we will have to open the lock without any key.

Auto Locksmith Chester then started to concentrate on how to raise the levels of service. We identified two tools which will help in raising the level of customer service. The first tool is people. We have hired a work force extremely high on skill and experience. We focused only on individuals who have spent many years in garages and have no sort of criminal background. This will ensure that our customers get the best help at every step of their interaction. We then divided our workforce into two groups. The first group handled the call in number and assisted customers by giving them the best advice possible. The second group was on the field and assisted customer by reaching them in an average of 30 minutes and then conducting the repair in front of them. Thus the customer gets the best people helping them at both levels of interaction.

The next tool was technology. In this age of technology we knew using the right tools and the right approach is the best way to magnify the usage of technology. We started by using the best telecom technology around to setup a call in number which is always functioning irrespective of time, day or weather. Additionally this number is free from both mobiles and landlines. The next step was to use technology to equip our workforce with state of the art response vehicles. This was done to reduce the response time to 30 minutes on an average and also allow our staff to conduct any type of locksmith repair wherever the customer is waiting. This was a crucial step as we managed to remove the garage and the tow truck from the equation.

After focusing on the services and the customer interaction part, we at Auto Locksmith Chester then turned our attention to the billing process. We gave customers estimates without tying them down with the mandatory service clause. This helped us empower our customers in the decision making process.

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